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Holly • November 6th, 2017
The Fifty Shades Freed Trailer is finally here!

At 11am eastern time this morning, fans of Fifty Shades, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson united in 2:19 of uninterrupted silence while we indulged in the final Fifty Shades trailer to ever be released. That’s right – the Fifty Shades Freed Trailer is here!

With two trailers, one being dubbed the Official Trailer and the other the International Trailer, both are quite similar although there are a few added scenes in the Latino version. Watch both of them below!

Official Trailer

International Trailer

Are you alive? Did you make it through all that sexy, heart pumping, goosebump infested piece of art?!

What was your favourite part?

Which scene(s) are you most excited to see on the big screen?

Are you still alive? Are you gonna watch it again? Go watch it again!

We were also gifted with an exclusive poster which made it’s debut alongside the announcement of pre-ticket sales on Fandango. This stunning new poster is courtesy of #OfficialFifty and you can find it in brilliant UHQ quality in the gallery by clicking the image itself, below.

We’ve also added enhanced HD screencaps of the two trailers to our gallery. You know you wanna go look at them, so go check them out!

Here’s a few to tease you with – just click any of the thumbnails below!

Screencaps from the Official Trailer

Screencaps from the International Trailer

Here’s to a fun and bittersweet ending to a franchise many of us have known and loved for a very long time.

But is it really the end? We’ll just have to wait and see for what E L James has in store for us.

Happy watching!

Holly • September 12th, 2017
First glimpse at the official Fifty Shades Freed Teaser, official posters and when the full length trailer will drop.

Well, Sunday sure was a day to remember! Not only did I get to meet Jamie but an Official Teaser for Fifty Shades Freed along with two official posters were dangled in front of us like a worm on a hook and boy, did we take the bait!

Watch the teaser below so we can discuss afterwards!

Amazing, right?

OK, so where do we start? The wedding? Christian’s spoken vows? (Insert heart eyes) A jet and a jet ski? Shirtless Christian on the beaches of Paris, Ana perfectly depicting how we’d all gawk at him? What about that gun Ana finds or that high speed chase? The Red Room?! Or guns being shot off left right and center? GAH! It’s all terribly exciting as we begin to pierce the lining of E L James’ third and final installment of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Admittedly, most of you reading this know what happens and can tell from the trailer which scene is which. But that takes nothing away from it, whatsoever.

And can we talk about that slogan? ‘Mrs. Grey will see you now’? Genius, right? Genius.

The end of the teaser reveals that the official full length trailer is set to drop in November with no definitive date. But until then, we also have two beautiful official posters to gawk at in the meantime!

The official domestic (light) and international (dark) posters were revealed on Sunday afternoon as well, as this is all in celebration of what was Ana’s 28th Birthday.

So, do you think the teaser and posters will you keep you content until November? Well, it’s got to! You don’t want to rush what is our final ride on this Fifty Shades rollercoaster. Sit back, embrace it and soak it all in. Because in just a few short months, it all comes to a theatrical end.

Can’t wait for November!

Holly • May 1st, 2017

In light of Jamie’s 35th Birthday today, Fifty Shades trilogy author E L James shared this lovely photo of herself with Jamie, taken last year while filming Fifty Shades Darker and Freed. Erika shared it today in celebration of Dornan’s birthday. Thanks, Erika!

Everything Jamie Dornan • February 20th, 2017

Los Angeles went Darker on February 2nd, 2017 when the stars of E L James’ hotly anticipated sequel to her Fifty Shades of Grey franchise attended the North American premier of Fifty Shades Darker.

It was the type of night Mr. Grey would expect you to be on your best behaviour for, all gussied up in Caroline Acton with just the right accessories. A masquerade ball mask, for instance.

Fans of the franchise got an opportunity to recreate the opulent and saturated masquerade ball ceremony when they were invited to attend the lavish event in LA. Fans from all over the world came to meet their #FiftyFamily and indulge in an all-out girls night. Complete with music from José James (the vocalist and band featured at the ball in the film) hors-d’oeuvres, elegant buffet, dancing, photo booths and more, the night was as magical as it is portrayed in James’ telling of the story.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson along with director James Foley and author E L James, stepped onto the stage to present the movie and share their thoughts on how the growth between films is something fans will not be disappointed with. James, more enthusiastic than we’ve seen her in a long time, spoke about her excitement surrounding Darker and how confident she is that the fans will be satiated. “We nailed it,” she exclaims, throwing her fists in the air as if securing a victory.

While everyone looked spectacular, all eyes were on Jamie and Dakota.

Dakota illuminated the room in a blush pink gown by Valentino with a plunging neckline from the Spring 2017 collection. Her co-star, Dornan, rocked the same designer while sporting Louboutin shoes.

The pair compliment each other well – laughing and giggling, whispering some inside jokes to each other, they without a doubt have developed a friendship and trust that will expand beyond their years as Christian and Ana.

One premier down and it’s off to Hamburg, Germany for premier number two.

Everything Jamie Dornan • February 6th, 2017

It was an incredible and exciting night. We were given the opportunity to attend the Masquerade Ball and movie premier in Los Angeles, California on February 2nd. Wearing our evening dresses and carrying our masks, we arrived 20 minutes before the venue opened at Vibiana. When we went to collect our tickets at the Will Call desk we were given a choice of the Samantha Peach masks in either cream or silver such as the one Ana wears. There was also a black one like Christian’s which I wish I had chosen instead. I went with the cream one since I already was gifted the silver one.

We didn’t have to wait long in line to enter and it was nice to chat with other people attending the ball and seeing everyone in their fabulous dresses. Once we entered the venue there were waiters in black masks and tuxes on each side of us with hors d’oeuvres and champagne. Inside the venue they had several activities to occupy our time and entertain us. It was all decorated beautifully with red velvet couches, white roses and candles.

One of the most fun things was the Virtual Reality experience where we got to view Christian’s apartment and then were invited to the Masquerade Ball. It was amusing watching the people ahead of us using the Oculus VR headset but once it was placed on my head I understood why people where spinning, smiling and stumbling around. During the experience we were greeted by Mia and then Ana and Christian who when we walked in with him, acknowledged that we were there. It was surreal!

We had the opportunity to have our palm read or to do a tarot card reading. I chose the palm reading since I never had done it before. There were several tables set up with readers and was one of the most popular activities. Staci’s entire session was recorded. I’m hoping we see her on the DVD or such.

Sipping on champagne and eating pastries we waited in line to do the 360 video with Ana and Christian in the background. It was also a great opportunity to meet a few people and take pics of them with Pocket Jamie, who was a hit. While waiting, NBC Today Show’s Natalie Morales partook in the 360 picture. I even snapped a pic of Pocket Jamie with Natalie in the background. I didn’t care for my picture because it wasn’t explained that it was only going to be one picture instead of multiple pics but it was still pretty cool and the video was great quality.

A delicious buffet table was set up with lamb chops, Sea Bass, and two types of salad. There was also a desert table with macaroons, brownie bites and lemon tarts which we enjoyed while listening to the band that is actually featured in the movie and Eric Johnson who plays Jack Hyde came in to mingle with the crowd. I think he was a bit overwhelmed about the response he got from the fans because he was quickly bombarded but it was nice to see that he was genuinely pleased to be there.

Set up on the right side was a green screen where we were able to take a picture with Ana and Christian and it was printed instantly for us as a souvenir. Wish I had waited because Staci chose that moment to got to the ladies’ room and Jamie himself passed right by her since they were doing press in a tent outside of the venue. Knowing this I knew that the cast would be entering soon so we made sure to stay near the door. I was but a foot away from Erika, Dakota and Jamie as well as the director James Foley.

On stage James was the first to thank the fans, followed by Dakota, Erika and Jamie mumbled a bit. You could tell he’s still a bit uncomfortable talking to a crowd but he appreciated our energy and enthusiasm. I had a great shot of the stage and only wish I had stopped recording to take a selfie of me with the cast in the background. I was just so overwhelmed that I couldn’t think straight! On their way out of Vibiana I called out Dakota’s name which she gave me a smile and Jamie turned back to wave to us. Soon after, we were asked to start moving towards the front to catch the shuttle to the Theater at Ace Hotel where we would be viewing the movie. On our way out,we were given another gift of a VR viewer with the movie poster on the front of it. It truly was astonishing to see how generous the studio was with us since they had sent us a gift the day before which included a t-shirt, movie tie-in book of Darker, lip balm, drinking glasses, VR viewer and a cardboard Ana mask. We also received some fabulous lipstick by Sisley. We of course chose red!

We quickly got on the bus and were at the Ace in as little as five minutes where we were escorted to our assigned seats in the orchestra area, row Q, seats 18 and 17. The theater had a vintage feel and is beautiful. Once inside, a few of the other actors where arriving and I quickly recognized Victor Rasuk who of course is Jose Rodriquez and was able to get a selfie with the gorgeous Ashleigh LaThrop who plays Hannah, which is Ana’s assistant in the movie at S.I.P. Soon after it was announced for us to take our seats and James Foley, E.L. James came out and thanked the fans and then announced Dakota and Jamie. Did I mention how sexy and hot they looked? Well, they were off the charts! Dakota looked like an angel in her cream Valentino dress and Jamie couldn’t be any sexier in his blue suit. E.L. James dress was fabulous as well and she rocked it.

I had been debating as to whether I wanted to purchase the full soundtrack to the movie but after seeing how the songs corresponded to the scenes, I quickly made up my mind and pre-ordered it once I arrived home. Needless to say Darker was a roller-coaster ride of emotions! It truly delivered on everything that made us fall in love with these books and characters. Jamie was marvelous and owned the role of Christian Grey this time around. He exuded sexiness, humor masculinity and did I mention SEXINESS?!?! As where in the first movie all eyes were drawn to Dakota Johnson’s Ana, I have to say that Jamie outshone her in this one. Not to take anything away from her performance either but we saw how wonderful she brought the role to life in the last film.

The pacing was perfect and the script was more natural and real. Oh let’s talk about the sex scenes without giving away any spoilers. There was cheering, coming from the audience because they made you feel it to your core. The chemistry was beautiful and the kisses smoldered. It truly felt like two people in love with each other that were willing to fight all obstacles. Well you all read the books so you know what happens and the movie version fulfilled our expectation leaving us satisfied and sated.


Death and Nightingales
Jamie as Liam Ward
Status: Pre-Production
Release Date: Unknown

Set in the countryside of Northern Ireland in 1885, Liam Ward (Jamie Dornan) helps a spontaneous Beth Winters (Ann Skelly), struggling with to control her destiny, escape a restricted life and troublesome relationship with her landowner stepfather (Matthew Rhys) on her 25th birthday.

Written by author Eugene McCabe, it is set to become a BBC mini-series, based on the 1992 novel by the same name.

News   Photos   IMDb

Jamie as an IRA Prisoner
Status: Postponed
Release Date: Unknown

Producer Jim Sheridan’s next great film will be based on the true story detailing the September 25th, 1983 Maze (Great) Prison Escape in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The prison was renowned for being one of the most escape proof, impenetrable prisons in the world.

The films production has been postponed.

News   Photos   IMDb

Fifty Shades Freed
Jamie as Christian Grey
Status: Released
Release Date: February 9, 2018

After Christian and Ana wed, everything seems to be finally falling into place – except it’s not. With the women of Christian’s past behind them, a new threat comes forward which threatens their happily ever after.

News   Photos   IMDb

My Dinner with Hervé
Jamie as journalist Danny Tate
Status: Pre-Production
Release Date: April 2018

Based on a true story recalling the unlikely friendship between Hervé Villechaize (Peter Dinklage) and a journalist named Danny Tate (Jamie Dornan) who interviews him just days before Hervé commits suicide in 1993.

News   Photos   IMDb

Jamie as Nick
Status: Post-production
Release Date: April 23, 2018 at Tribeca

Untogether pursues the affair between a former teen prodigy turned heroin addict (Jemima Kirke) now sober, who’s struggling to become a writer and Nick (Jamie Dornan) who plays a successful writer with his memoirs of war-time bravery, which in turn has showered him in wealth and women.

The film premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival in April.

News   Photos   IMDb

Robin Hood: Origins
Jamie as Will Scarlet
Status: Post-Production
Release Date: November 21, 2018

A gritty take on the classic Robin Hood story, Jamie plays Will Scarlet, a prominent figure in Robin’s band of Merry Men opposite Taron Egerton (Robin Hood), Jamie Foxx (Little John) and Ben Mendelsohn (Sheriff of Nottingham)

News   Photos   IMDb

A Private War
Jamie as Paul Conroy
Status: In Production
Release Date: TBA

Paul Conroy (Jamie Dornan) accompanies American war correspondent, Marie Colvin (Rosamund Pike) as she reports from conflicts overseas including Kosovo, Chechnya, East Timor and the Middle East.

News   Photos   IMDb

Jamie Dornan as an IRA Operative
Status: Pre-Production
Release Date: TBA

An IRA operative (Dornan) hunts down the person responsible for the accidental lethal shooting of his wife – an SAS captain (Claflin). Production is scheduled to start this summer in London and Dublin.

News   Photos   IMDb
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