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19 Sep 2016




The long awaited premier for The Siege of Jadotville took place in Dublin, Ireland tonight and not only was the evening a star studded event, it was also a touching tribute to the veterans who served as peace keepers during the battle.

Our favourite billionaire turned serial killer, turned doctor turned two time war hero took to the red carpet and Q&A (which happened afterwards) tonight at the Irish premier of Jadotville; a Netflix Original film set to debut on Netflix word wide October 7th, had it’s official premier tonight with a plenitude of cast including Jamie Dornan himself (Quinlan) Sam Keeley (Bill), Jason O’Mara (Prendergast) and former The Fall cast mate Michael McElhatton (McEntee.) All wore their best to attend what was a uniquely special premier.

Based on a true story, Jadotville tells the story of how peace keepers, turned into soldiers in a valiant effort to fight off French and Belgian Mercenaries in the Congo during the early 1960’s. Those who survived were invited to attend the premier this evening.

Guests attend the Irish Premiere of The Siege of Jadotville at The Savoy, Dublin, Ireland - 19.09.16. Featuring: Jamie Dornan, Irish 35th Battalion Where: Dublin, Ireland When: 19 Sep 2016 Credit: WENN.com **Not available for publication in Ireland**

Donning their berets and their uniforms proudly, the veterans of the 35th Battalion were treated with class, dignity and given a front row seat to the premier. They stopped to pose with actors, walked the red carpet shook hands and enjoyed an evening of reminiscing with old friends. An overdue homage to a film that has brought a story that many were unaware of, to life. 

After a short red carpet and plentiful fan pictures, the event headed indoors to a closed movie premier in which Jamie, fellow cast and veterans all attended. The film was followed by a Q&A of which Jamie participated alongside others.


The event has since quieted down with little activity afterwards. We imagine everyone hugged and said a heartfelt goodbye after an already emotional day. We hope that as fans of Jamie, he and his cast mates, have done those who served in the 35th Battalion proud and that his (Jamie) work continues to take him to avenues he never dreamed of exploring; ones that hopefully touch your hearts as much as they touch ours.

The anticipation of more stunning photos is never out of the question. Be sure to visit the gallery for all of the additions so far, and more to come!


14 Sep 2016



SET YOUR DVR’S because we finally have a premier date for The Fall Series 3!

BBC Two announced today that the third series will commence on Thursday September 29th, 2016 at 9pm. Not only that, but they also released a new TV spot for the series. Watch below!

Chills, right?! So mark your calendars, set your recording devices and call all of your friends to watch together. Spector hits our eyeballs in 15 days!

13 Sep 2016


AND WE THOUGHT YESTERDAY’S TEASER WAS AMAZING. Universal Pictures released the very first full length trailer to Fifty Shades Darker today and we’ve been fangirling, and fan-boying, all day long. Take a look below and watch the goosebumps grow!

Are you alive?! Yeah, us either. The trailer has some awesome scenes in it and really provides the fans with the ‘darker’ atmosphere of the film.

In the beginning, you can see Jack, Ana’s boss, watching the fireworks display at the Grey Mansion from afar while the trailer then leads into Christian giving a gift to Ana, followed by the reveal of their masquerade ball masks and a burning questions left by Christian. “Intrigued?” he asks Anastasia, and we’re guessing she more than is!


We’re then whisked away to the ball where the flow of magic, dancing, lights leaves us captivated. Following this short scene, Ana is surprised by a votive of white long stemmed roses, sent by Christian in an attempt to get back his girl. “I want you back… I had no idea what this was going to become. Christian proclaims, while Ana responds with “I don’t see how this can work.” Christian is devastated at what he lost a mere five days ago and is desperate to have Ana back. In the next scene, he’s seen (what looks to be) surprising her at José’s art exhibit, where in the book, they traveled to the show together. Nevertheless, Ana is caught completely off guard when she sees a sullen Christian standing only a few feet away from her.226-505_284929 226-505_285129

Next up, we head into what looks like Escala, Christian’s home, where Anastasia is dressed in her evening gown from the ball, while Christian ‘gawks’ at her, as she details in the trailer. “Are you just going to stand there, gawking?” “Yes,” Christian proclaims, because he’s Christian Grey and if he wants to gawk, he’ll gawk.

226-505_285229 226-505_285629

Onward into the bathroom where a heated shower scene and a half-naked Christian takes back his beloved Ana with formidable force. Ana doesn’t seem to mind – and why would she?! The two are seen embracing passionately, careful not too give too much away. But damn – can we just talk about this man’s Michelangelo physique for a second?! *insert heart eyes* Dornan as Grey is certainly how we expected him to be, and then some!



Next, we’re catapulted into the Grey’s pool house, where Christian will *spoiler* eventually propose to Ana at the end of the film. He begs the question “What do you want, Anastasia?” while the response is nothing short of curt. Ana gets to the point – if he wants to be with her, then he’s going to have to conform to her and abandon his previous lifestyle. “This time, no rules. No punishments. And no more secrets,” expressing the need for a vulnerable Christian – one who wants to share his world with her and she wants to share it with him.


But speaking of secrets, next we find Ana and Christian sleeping in Ana’s bed at her apartment. While Ana tosses and turns, she sees the image of a woman at the end of her bed, the bed Grey is sound asleep in. At second glance, she sees nothing there – but we the fans know that Leila is quietly lurking in the shadows, intrigued by Miss Steele. 226-505_2811529

Now if that wasn’t creepy enough, what the heck does Jack think he’s doing? Barricading Ana in his office, with a silent ‘Shhhh’ as his fingers approach his lips. This is our first glimpse of Eric Johnson (hilariously funny man) as the sinister Jack Hyde.


But let’s up the macabre level a bit more and add in Christian’s first Dominant, Elena – FINALLY a glimpse of Kim Basigner as the intimidating, blonde bombshell, Elena. Her role has us extremely feverish and wanting to see more of her in the film. Elena is seen at the ball as Ana walks vigorously away from her – a tell tale sign that the two have had a confrontation of sorts. What’s happened?!


As scenes quickly begin to change in flashes of white light, we see Ana get out of her car, Christian and Taylor in tow, with expressions of shock and disbelief plastered across their faces. Is this where they see that someone has doused Ana’s car in red paint? Who could it have been?

226-505_2814229 226-505_2814329

Finally, a barrage of scenes occur, where Ana and Christian are seen overlooking a file on Ana, Charlie Tango (Christian’s helicopter) in mid tailspin, an eerie visitor in the stairway at the Grey Mansion during the ball and Ana rushing out of SIP into the embrace of her dark knight.

226-505_2815329 226-505_2815429

Lastly, the trailer ends with Ana, alone in her apartment, while Elena’s voice is heard in the background saying “Do you think you’re the first woman who’s tried to save him?” It’s slowly revealed that Ana is not in fact alone in her apartment as the camera shifts and reveals Leila standing behind her. 

A beautifully well done trailer that delivers on all levels. We all had an idea on what we’d like to see in the trailer and I think it pretty much covered it, without giving too much away.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll be watching it again and again and again and again until it’s what our dreams are made of. Bravo on an excellent first trailer – it’s definitely made the wait until February a little more bearable.

You can view over 160 HD screencaps from the trailer here and some stunning new UHQ stills of the film here.




12 Sep 2016



DON’T GO INTO CARDIAC ARREST! A teaser trailer for the official Fifty Shades Darker trailer was posted today and, it may be completely rhetorical to mention, but the fans went CRAZY. Take a quick look at the teaser below before we get into further discussion!

ARE YOU OK?! Because we’re sure as heck not! Who knew that a short 20 second teaser could send the screaming fans into a world-wide frenzy?! That frenzy, understandably and as expected, has Fifty Shades Darker trending world wide on multiple social media platforms as everyone collectively lost all of their cognitive senses once the teaser was posted. Fansites and fans went into overdrive.


The teaser offers a quick glance into the trilogy’s second movie, scheduled to hit theaters Valentine’s Day 2017. Ana’s long, sexy legs and a one-word line from Christian… “Intrigued?” has judiciously sent our hearts into overdrive, heads spinning, knees weak and just metaphorically, killed us all. It also reveals that the first official full length trailer for Darker will hit our eyeballs tomorrow! TOMORROW! The trailer is set to premier on or around 11:00am EST on Fifty Shades’ official social media pages. So set those alarms for ten to eleven because we most definitely do NOT want to miss this!

You can view 14 HD screencaps from the teaser here, more to be added tomorrow with the full length trailer, of course!

But if that wasn’t enough, let’s go ahead and post a video of Jamie and Dakota from the set this past Summer thanking fans. Naturally, we died again.

OK, so how adorbs is this?! Standing in front of Christian’s private jet, Jamie and Dakota take a second to thank the fans for all the love and support over the past two years and for helping the official Fifty Shades Facebook Page for reaching a mind blowing 10 million Facebook likes! Incredible!


So naturally, we had to add some HD screencaps of this heartfelt message to the gallery as well! Check them out there!


Teaser to trailer? Check.

Message from Jamie and Dakota? Check.

Confirmation of a full length trailer tomorrow? Check.

First official poster?! HELL, YES!


So, this is amazeballs. It’s so eloquent, sexy and yes, darker. A glimpse at Ana’s Masquerade Ball Mask is a key accessory in the story, something the fans anticipated to be done with class and most definitely something we wanted to see. It’s just enough. Perfect. It’s Christian and Ana together again. Something we will have waited two years, almost to the day, to happen. And we can’t wait!

You can view the poster in our gallery in breathtaking HQ quality.

AND THAT’S IT! Or, not! Don’t forget about the world wide premier of the official Fifty Shades Darker trailer tomorrow! You can watch it on their official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.

Let’s get ready for something darker.

9 Sep 2016


IT’S FINALLY HERE! Today, we got our very first glimpse at the first official trailer for The Siege at Jadotville! Take a look below!

Based on an untold true story, Dornan plays Pat Quinlan who leads a plight of UN peacekeepers in the Congo in 1961. The film is a Netflix original movie which has received both a cinematic release date of September 19th, 2016 (only Ireland and the UK) and a Netflix debut of October 7th, 2016. An official movie premier has also been set to coincide with the Irish and UK release date of September 19th, 2016 which Dornan is scheduled to attend in Dublin. The trailer is gripping, powerful and emits bravery, a characteristic Dornan has nailed with his past two films (Anthropoid) Dornan is doing an exceptional job at putting Ireland on the map and we’ve learned so much from him, the country and what life was like during times of war. Jamie has definitely opened our eyes with his eclectic taste in roles and it’s been a pure pleasure watching him grow.


Now if a trailer wasn’t enough, the fans were also privy to a new movie still and movie poster today. This definitely makes Friday better than what it already is.


With so much Jamie currently happening and expected to happen, how are we ever going to survive?! Watch the trailer again and again and check out some HD screencaps, still and movie poster of Jamie in his role as Pat Quinlan in the gallery.


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