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12 Oct 2016




Well, that’s how any fan of Jamie Dornan’s felt this morning, and not just because of the snow. His fans woke up to an overwhelming number of photos and a beautifully written article by L’Uomo Vogue for their October edition. Read the article below!

Jamie Dornan may best be known for his role as emotionally distant BDSM-obsessed billionaire Christian Grey, in the film adaption of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. A film that’s been steeped in polarizing but feverish anticipation and grown into an outright cultural phenomenon – and the same could be said of Jamie himself. The trailer for the sequel, “Fifty Shades Darker”, has just been released to equal measures of hysteria: within the first 24 hours, the trailer alone broke world records and garnered over 114 million views. Then there’s “The Fall”, the critically acclaimed BBC series, which sees Jamie play the role of another psychopath: Paul Spector, a sadistic, sexually-motivated serial killer-cum-family-man. “The Fall has been very good to me and given the opportunity, I’d play that character for the rest of my life”, Jamie says, met with some intrigue. “It’s kind of awkward to say, as he’s such a horrible person but I do care for him and inhabiting his very sick mind for some reason”, he affirms. But after meeting Jamie, who in real life, oozes Irish charm, warmth and charisma, it’s hard to imagine there could be an ounce of malice inside the real him.


7 Oct 2016



I can’t actually say I enjoy golf; although I’ve always enjoyed sports, I’ve never considered golf to be one. I know a lot of people who feel the same way, too. Although I’m sure it takes great precision and concentration, I’d rather watch hockey.

But then, something magical happens, something that only occurs once a year. And we wait that entire year, patiently, fingers constantly crossed that he’ll do it again. And again and again and again. We’ve been lucky enough to have Christmas in October for the third consecutive year and this year is anticipated to be the best.

We’re of course talking about the Alfred-Dunhill Links Pro/Amateur Annual Tournament!


5 Oct 2016




Jamie hit the infamous greens of St. Andrew’s today for a round of practice golf in preparation for this years Alfred Dunhill Links tournament in which he has participated in for the past three years. As the pictures would suggest, it was a cool, crisp and beautiful day in Scotland as Dornan donned his signature blue colour from head to toe,  literally. We cannot get enough of his blue toque!

Jamie has been paired with young pro Tyrrell Hatton for this years Pro-Am and we’re seriously ready to watch the pair enjoy three great days of golf together! We’re hoping for another great year for Jamie and more great shots, like he’s had in the year’s before.

You can view all of today’s photos in stunning HQ quality in our gallery with more to come in the next three days. Can’t wait!

4 Oct 2016


You don’t need to like golf to relish in the awesomeness that is the Alfred Dunhill Links Pro-Amateur Championship. (We’ll just call it the ADL Pro-Am for short)

Golf - Alfred Dunhill Links Championship - Day One - Old Course St Andrews. Jamie Dornan during day one of the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at Old Course St Andrews, Fife. Picture date: Thursday October 1, 2015. See PA story GOLF Dunhill. Photo credit should read: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire. RESTRICTIONS Editorial use only. No commercial use. No false commercial association. No video emulation. No manipulation of images. URN:24297262

One of the most exiting times of year is quickly approaching for Jamie Dornan fans. This is just any event either – it’s what we wait for and hope will happen each October; an event that Dornan has (thankfully) continued to take part in each year, that his fans look forward to every fall. Our favourite bad golfer is hitting the greens of the ADL Pro-Am tour yet again this year! It was confirmed in early Septemberer that Dornan would be joining the tournament once again this year, which will take place on the prestigious greens of St. Andrew’s, Carnoustie and Kingsbarns. 


Dornan has been partnered with Pro Tyrrell Hatton, a 24 year-old pro who turned professional in 2011. With an impressive background in golf and at such a young age, we’re excited to see what the young and fresh faced golf star from England will bring to the table with his partner, Jamie.

Dornan and Hatton’s first tee off time has been set for Thursday October 6th, 2016 at 9:33am.

You can find Dornan and Hatton’s schedule for the entire tournament on our homepage>right sidebar.

3 Oct 2016


Jamie recently sat down with ICON EL PAÍS to discuss The Fall, Fifty Shades of Grey and his time spent as a teen with friends Eddie Redmayne and Andrew Garfield. Although the article was originally printed in Spanish, EJD has spent some time translating the article into proper English. Read below and enjoy!


It took one decade for the ex model from Belfast to be acknowledged as an actor. Now, Jamie Dornan fights to get rid of Grey’s shadow. Thanks to roles like the psychopath in “The Fall” or the heroic soldier from “The Siege of Jadotville” (the Netflix Original that will be released on Netflix October 7th,) it looks like he won’t need to wait another decade this time. He talked to us in an exclusive interview for ICON.

There are Twitter accounts dedicated to celebrating the shapes of his arms. Advertising images where this ex-model appeared cuddled up with Kate Moss, or smeared with oil along with Eva Mendes, form part of the popular imagery of the past decade. Media as prestigious as The New York Times nicknamed him ‘The Golden Torso’ and a trailer for the second installment of the Fifty Shades series – where he plays the most mysterious icon of our age: a millionaire fond of sadomasochistic sex – sent millions of fans into a frenzy counting down the days until the premiere (February 10, 2017). Jamie Dornan, however, is the one that seems to care the least. Northern Ireland’s 34 year old clearly wants to offer something more than a godlike physique. He could have spent his days signing a never ending stream of advertising contracts while continuing to be shown half naked but instead decided to pursue acting. After facing some criticism, Dornan landed the role in the UK television series ‘The Fall’, where he plays a psychopath from his native city of Belfast. The Fall has just released its third season, and it’s in that television series that Dornan proves his depth as an actor. His latest film, a stark contrast to his role as Christian Grey, also showcases Dornan’s talent. ‘The Siege of Jadotville,’ which debuts on Netflix October 7, is inspired by a true story. In 1961, during the war of Katanga, a secessionist province of Congo, an Irish battalion of 150 soldiers sent by the United Nations was attacked by some 3000 men of the local army assisted by French and Belgian mercenaries. There were five days of fierce fighting, but this battle was excluded from the official history of Ireland. “I had no idea about this battle. It was kept secret for years for several reasons, which I find embarrassing since it shows Irish heroics on a large scale” He explains in his County Down accent, after a photo shoot in which he had been amicable and sociable, spontaneous and somewhat foul-mouthed.


Why did you get into the film business?
I don’t have the proper attitude for working in an office. From a young age, I knew that I was not that kind of person. I lack the patience to sit in front of a computer. I had no idea what I would do, but I think that all those who work in film feel compelled at a young age. I started theatre at the age of 13; I wanted to be a different person and express myself accordingly than my friends on the rugby team. It was clear I wanted to be an actor. I felt comfortable in a world that allowed me to be the person people weren’t expecting me to be.


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