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Bow tie, check.
Beard, check.
White tux, check.
Your real life leading lady by your side, check.

Jamie and Millie attended the 89th Annual Academy Awards in LA on February 26 where they dazzled paparazzi, photographers and fans alike. The pair attended the Oscars where Jamie was set to present an award alongside Fifty Shades Darker co-star Dakota Johnson. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Jamie and Millie looked ravishing on the red carpet as they stepped out for a night of glitz and glamour in Los Angeles.

Jamie donned a lavish ivory tuxedo and black bow tie by Hermès and sported a Drive de Cartier extra flat watch on the wrist complete with Tods shoes. Amelia looked royal in a blush gown from Emilia Wickstead’s Spring RTW 2017 collection complete with Stephen Webster Crystal Haze earstuds.

The pair looked picture perfect in photographs from the red carpet as seen below. The pair really know how to dress to complement each other.

Inside, Jamie and Amelia sat with Dakota Johnson, Dornan’s Fifty Shades Darker co-star. Together, they enjoyed the opening ceremony complete with musical stylings from Justin Timberlake while enjoying each others company and sharing a few laughs during the evenings elegance.

Dornan and Johnson took to the stage where they presented the award for Best Production Design which was awarded to La La Land.

“You look familiar,” Johnson says as she greets her co-star.
“I’m sure I do” Dornan replies, followed by his sweet, mortified chuckle.


Jamie and Amelia then stepped out for the Vanity Fair After Oscars Party where Millie charged up her wardrobe in favour of something more sultry. While Dornan kept to his ivory white tuxedo (and we don’t mind one bit) Millie opted for a change in colour and turned heads in a luscious red Rosetta Getty cold-shoulder gown paired with Stephen Webster chandelier earrings.

You can check out all the beautiful HQ pictures from the Oscars including Red Carpet, Ceremony, Press Room, Rehearsals and more by visiting the gallery.


Well isn’t he sneaky.

We were anticipating Jamie’s arrival in LA as he’s scheduled to attend the Academy Awards on Sunday night but it looks like he arrived in America unbeknownst to anyone.

Jamie was spotted in LA participating in the United Voices Rally on Friday, February 24, an anti-Trump event. We never see a political side of Jamie and although the photos of him are not suggesting he marched or protested, he was there showing his support to those in America who (clearly) share the same views.

He also snapped a picture with Sam Heughan, sending fans of both actors into a frenzy!

After LA, Jamie is off to Croatia for a week of filming for a new film and role he’s quite excited about, Robin Hood: Origins, opposite Jamie Foxx. Dornan will play one of Hood’s merry men, Will Scarlet. Jamie’s getting back in tune with his Once Upon A Time days, playing fictional characters he’s more than comfortable with. Although his OUAT days were short, it’s nice to see him settling back into his roots.


The 2017 EE BAFTAs took place on Sunday, February 12th, 2017 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK where our favourite Irishman and his real-life leading lady graced the red carpet.

These two never disappoint in terms of fashion and downright making us swoon at any event they attend and the BAFTAs are no exception.

With Jamie’s hand firmly holding Amelia’s, the pair stepped onto the red carpet at the 2017 EE BAFTAs where Jamie was presenting an award. Jamie looked sharp in a navy blue tuxedo by Neil Barrett complete with Tods shoes and a snazzy bowtie. He looked chic, clean and comfortable. But let’s be honest, Amelia stole the show in a S/S 2017 rainbow sequined gown with a small train by Ong Pairam. She shimmered and sparkled next to her man who’s tux complemented the dress well.

Jamie later stepped into the press room where cameras caught what looked to be a hilarious joke or conversation between him and Rafe Spall. The pair are belly laughing at whatever’s been said and cameras were there to catch every knee slapping moment of it!

Jamie and Amelia later headed to the after party where they wrapped up the night.

You can find more images from backstage, Jamie on stage presenting, after party and fan photos in our gallery.


The Graham Norton Show is always a favourite among Jamie Dornan fans, if not our most favoured. The Fifty Shades Darker star sat down on that orange, suede couch for a third time on February 10 to chat about the movie which officially premiered the same day.

While Jamie told a few stories we’ve recently heard him tell in current interviews, the one about his tactics for getting through the movie’s sex scenes is our new cream of the crop.

When asked about the movie,

Jamie: “There’s probably more sex in it.”

Graham: “More sex? Yes, Jamie doesn’t speak.”

Jamie: “I make noises. I make American, accented noises. There’s some scenes where they will play music so it’s the closest we get to sort of, kind of going for it in one piece. My temptation is always just to try to make Dakota laugh so sometimes, I’ll do things when there’s a moment when I’m meant to (you know) orgasm I’ll be like (mimics Ryan Air flight jingle.)

Graham: “See, people do that!”

Jamie: “Which by the way, if they don’t, they should . It’s like when a Ryan Air flight, when a Ryan Air flight lands, (mimics jingle again.)”

The audience was roaring as fellow guests of the show Whoopi Goldberg and Keanu Reeves animatedly engaged in the conversation. Graham’s in the corner laughing his face off as usual.

It’s no surprise that Jamie would try to lighten the mood in such an intimate, awkward and baring scene. Both Jamie and Dakota’s personalities mesh well together; she’s pulled some stunts on Jamie in the past too.

Jamie first appeared on The Graham Norton Show back in 2014 prior to the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. He joined Norton once again in 2015 preceding the first films premier.

See more photos of Jamie with his fellow guests and host Graham Norton in our gallery


Preview: Fifty Shades Darker (English Translation)

10 questions for… Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are back in the second Fifty Shades of Grey movie: Fifty Shades Darker. Their performers Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson tell how it was to be back on set and in bed.

1. What was it like to go back to work?

Dakota: “I loved it. For me it was the first time that I returned to a project; I’ve never played in a series or in a franchise before. But it was so wonderful to see all the familiar faces on the first day, not only of my fellow actors, but of the crew also. It felt a bit like summer camp, that you’d meet everyone again a year later.”

2. Has your life changed a lot after the first film?

Jamie: “You bet. My life was turned upside down in that period anyway. My oldest daughter was born three days before the shooting of the first film, my second daughter two weeks before the second. So that had quite an impact and then it ran again in sync with all the craziness surrounding the film.”

3. How Do fans respond when they see you?

Dakota: “Occasionally someone yells something strange at you, but that was to be expected …”

Jamie: “Dakota lives in Los Angeles, where people react very cool when they see a celebrity. They are more accustomed. In other places that is different. With me in Ireland you really notice it when people recognize you. What I find particularly mad is that they cannot keep my character and me apart. They ask you for an autograph, which I really sign with my own name, and they say, ‘Super thanks, Grey’.”

4. Actors often say that sex scenes are not too exciting and more technical matters. How do you feel about that?

Dakota: “What I especially start to find a challenge is: how to make them different? There are so many sex scenes. The last thing you want is that it’s boring. So there you have to always be creative.”

Jamie: “They tried to cluster these scenes wherever possible, fortunately. You have a bizarre week where you get done as much as possible. The Red Room weeks they called it, only the much needed people were on the set.”

6. That sounds pretty intense.

Dakota: “Those weeks were suffering, yes, but at the same time it affects you less and less. We had such loose scenes among them, sometimes. When they announced that the set was released for such a scene, I thought: ‘Oh yes, we also had to do that today’.”

7. Does it feel very different to come back a role that you have played before?

Jamie: “Definitely. You already know the character, so you have much more of a feeling. I find it especially beautiful that Christian has changed. I like him much better in this movie and in the next than in the first. When we met him, he was determined only to live his life the way he wanted.”

8. In the first images of Fifty Shades Darker we see a more pronounced Anastasia.

Dakota: “She evolves in all aspects of her life. She’s stronger, more confident and she shows a lot more assertiveness. I think that’s cool. She gets to endure a lot from people from all sides, talking at her, but she finds in it a way to protect herself and her love for Christian.”

9. We also find out more about the background of Christian. Were there still any surprises for you?

Jamie: “No, because I know the books and we don’t depart from that principle. And rightly so, I think.”

10. Does that make it any less exciting for the people who have read the books?

Jamie: “This is the story that fans love. That’s what they want to see, so that’s what they get.”

Thank you to @Charlie1312 for sending the scans and translating the article!

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Death and Nightingales
Jamie as Liam Ward
Status: Pre-Production
Release Date: Unknown

Set in the countryside of Northern Ireland in 1885, Liam Ward (Jamie Dornan) helps a spontaneous Beth Winters (Ann Skelly), struggling with to control her destiny, escape a restricted life and troublesome relationship with her landowner stepfather (Matthew Rhys) on her 25th birthday.

Written by author Eugene McCabe, it is set to become a BBC mini-series, based on the 1992 novel by the same name.

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Jamie as an IRA Prisoner
Status: Postponed
Release Date: Unknown

Producer Jim Sheridan’s next great film will be based on the true story detailing the September 25th, 1983 Maze (Great) Prison Escape in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The prison was renowned for being one of the most escape proof, impenetrable prisons in the world.

The films production has been postponed.

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Fifty Shades Freed
Jamie as Christian Grey
Status: Released
Release Date: February 9, 2018

After Christian and Ana wed, everything seems to be finally falling into place – except it’s not. With the women of Christian’s past behind them, a new threat comes forward which threatens their happily ever after.

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My Dinner with Hervé
Jamie as journalist Danny Tate
Status: Pre-Production
Release Date: April 2018

Based on a true story recalling the unlikely friendship between Hervé Villechaize (Peter Dinklage) and a journalist named Danny Tate (Jamie Dornan) who interviews him just days before Hervé commits suicide in 1993.

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Jamie as Nick
Status: Post-production
Release Date: April 23, 2018 at Tribeca

Untogether pursues the affair between a former teen prodigy turned heroin addict (Jemima Kirke) now sober, who’s struggling to become a writer and Nick (Jamie Dornan) who plays a successful writer with his memoirs of war-time bravery, which in turn has showered him in wealth and women.

The film premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival in April.

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Robin Hood: Origins
Jamie as Will Scarlet
Status: Post-Production
Release Date: November 21, 2018

A gritty take on the classic Robin Hood story, Jamie plays Will Scarlet, a prominent figure in Robin’s band of Merry Men opposite Taron Egerton (Robin Hood), Jamie Foxx (Little John) and Ben Mendelsohn (Sheriff of Nottingham)

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A Private War
Jamie as Paul Conroy
Status: In Production
Release Date: TBA

Paul Conroy (Jamie Dornan) accompanies American war correspondent, Marie Colvin (Rosamund Pike) as she reports from conflicts overseas including Kosovo, Chechnya, East Timor and the Middle East.

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Jamie Dornan as an IRA Operative
Status: Pre-Production
Release Date: TBA

An IRA operative (Dornan) hunts down the person responsible for the accidental lethal shooting of his wife – an SAS captain (Claflin). Production is scheduled to start this summer in London and Dublin.

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