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So much Jamie happened today with quite a variety of photos too! Spanning from 2004 to present, we were privy to some pretty delicious pictures of our favourite Irishman!

The first, a new portrait of Jamie from the @sagaftraFOUND in honour of his 35th Birthday which was yesterday. Let’s go back 11 years to 2004 to a full colour scan of Jamie in Exit Magazinehow young does he look? (Thanks to @cybermelli for scanning it to us!)

We also got to see Jamie in a new/old Anthropoid still alongside co-star Cillian Murphy. You can click on the photos to view them in their full quality in the gallery or by visiting the links below.

After several months post Anthropoid, we have finally completed screencaps to the Sean Ellis’ Nazi Thriller. You can find 1, 139 HD Screencaps featuring Jamie Dornan as Jan Kubis in our gallery.



It was a night celebrating the best in British Independent Film and our favourite Irishman was in attendance.

Jamie Dornan and wife Amelia Warner attended the 2016 BIFA’s on Sunday in London at the Old Billingsgate Market. Dornan was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Jan Kubiš in Sean Ellis’ ‘Anthropoid.’

Dornan doesn’t need to dress to impress, especially when you’re GLAMOUR UK’s Sexiest Man of 2017, having just won the title in 2015 as well. But still, his simple wardrobe has us all swooning regardless. Dornan donned his signature style; an open breasted blue jacket with a plain white tee, dress pants and white sneakers. Perhaps he’s saving the fashion limelight for wife Amelia, who rocked a Roksanda Resort 2017 purple dress and looked lovely strutting the red carpet hand-in-hand with her beau.

In a clip from BIFA’s Black Carpet, Jamie stops to chat about Anthropoid and jokes about how he’s never been invited to BIFA and that his invite to attend was only out of obligation due to his nomination. Dornan speaks highly of director Sean Ellis and co-star Cillian Murphy and talks about filming scenes in the middle of a sweltering July surrounded by fake snow. “…it was definitely a grueling shoot,” Dornan explains, as he’s dressed in heavy wool sweaters in the middle of the summer. Watch the clip below.

Although Dornan didn’t win his nomination, the story of Anthropoid will stay with him (and his fans) forever. Of Jan’s character, Dornan proudly proclaims ‘I feel that Jan Kubiš is the closest character to myself that I’ve played,’ and his bro-mance with co-star Cillian Murphy has goals written all over it.

Jamie doesn’t seem to be rewarded for his various works in film, although his nominations are plentiful. But that doesn’t mean he’s not brilliant in his own right. We can all collectively agree that any role he plays has depth, variety and conviction and this front row seat into his blossoming career in film has been a privilege to behold. No award today but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen tomorrow.

You can find a myriad of Black Carpet and candid photos of Jamie and Amelia in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below. 

JAMIE WAS ON THE LOOSE Thursday and Friday night and good for him for doing so!


The star was spotted Thursday night in Portrush by locals at The Mermaid. Enjoying a pint of Guinness after a long week of promotion for Anthropoid, the Irish actor took some much needed time to enjoy a beer with his buds. He graciously stopped to take pictures with fans, a welcome change from the ravenous paparazzi.


The night after, Friday, he was spotted YET AGAIN at the Olde Glen Bar in Carrigart once more indulging in a pint with his mates. Carefree and relaxed, Jamie once again graciously posed for fan pic after fan pic while interacting with the locals, humble as always. 

You can view all of the pictures shared by fans from Thursday and Friday night in our gallery.



TWO IRISH STUDS graced RTE’s Late Late Show on Friday evening in the season opener of the show and our eyeballs were throbbing. Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy sat down to chat with host Ryan Tubridy about current and upcoming projects, family life, being in the public eye and even had a few jokes along the way.

The pair have been on a nation wide press tour together and have developed a friendship that is clearly evident to the public and fans. The pair often joke or boast about each other while throwing in some inside jokes that even we feel we’re in on. Cillian gloats about co-star Jamie throughout the interview, citing that he would “…binge watch the Fall with his wife,” speaking highly of the character of Paul Spector. Ryan even went as far as to ask Jamie a burning question we were all dying to know the truth about; did he really stalk a woman to prepare for his role as Spector in The Fall? Dornan’s response “…I observed someone on a tube once,” citing that he didn’t ‘stalk’ a women per se, rather experimented with the idea.

Dornan went on to discuss Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, citing that production wrapped a mere four weeks ago after both films were filmed back to back. But what came to our surprise the most was news about The Fall. As Jamie had mentioned earlier today on an interview with BBC Radio, it was reiterated that The Fall would be having its third series premier at towards the end of September, a date much sooner than the fans collectively anticipated! There is still no official premier date as of yet but at least we now have a general idea. EXCITING!

The pair continued to laugh and giggle and share jokes with each other for the duration of the program, taking a minute to talk about life in the limelight and how they deal with that on a personal level. “It’s not that hard,” Dornan says, explaining that it’s a frame of mind, something you remove yourself from. He spoke beautifully and breifly about his wife, being the private man that he is, and we were happy to know that Amelia is doing well.

14191699_564513087090065_1302710375_o (1)

But can we talk about how good these two men have looked consistently throughout these past few days? The pair have rocked a tasteful and crisp collection of clothing through this weeks press tour. Cillian all dapper in dark’s while Jamie has bestowed his signature blue colour on us; in clean cut blazers and suits tailored even better than Christian Grey’s, a simple white tee or dress shirt and jeans that accentuate his beautiful behind, Jamie has dressed to impress all week long sending both fans and paparazzi into hysteria. With his beard in full bloom, our favourite Irishman is definitely taking some much needed time to get back to him, his family and the things (and people) he loves. The show ended with news of The Fall’s September premier date and enthusiastic applause, accompanied by a few hoots and hollers – and rightly so.

But then again, you can always watch it for yourself because it’s avilable on their app! Click here for details and submerge yourself into the statuesque glory that is our favourite Irishman.




Everything Jamie Dornan is thrilled to join #OfficialFifty for #FiftyShadesFreed, in theaters Valentine’s Day.

The official Fifty Shades Teaser has been released with a full length trailer dropping on November 6. Are you ready to meet Mrs. Grey?

Be sure to follow
Fifty Shades on all their platforms, and visit their updated website to prepare for all things Freed.








Jamie as an IRA Prisoner
Status: Pre-Production
Release Date: Unknown

Producer Jim Sheridan’s next great film will be based on the true story detailing the September 25th, 1983 Maze (Great) Prison Escape in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The prison was renowned for being one of the most escape proof, impenetrable prisons in the world.

The films production has been postponed.

News Photos IMDb

Fifty Shades Freed
Jamie as Christian Grey
Status: Post-production
Release Date: February 9, 2018

After Christian and Ana wed, everything seems to be finally falling into place – except it’s not. With the women of Christian’s past behind them, a new threat comes forward which threatens their happily ever after.

News Photos IMDb

My Dinner with Hervé
Jamie as journalist Danny Tate
Status: Pre-Production
Release Date: April 2018

Based on a true story recalling the unlikely friendship between Hervé Villechaize (Peter Dinklage) and a journalist named Danny Tate (Jamie Dornan) who interviews him just days before Hervé commits suicide in 1993.

News Photos IMDb

Jamie as Nick
Status: Post-production
Release Date:Unknown

Untogether pursues the affair between a former teen prodigy turned heroin addict (Jemima Kirk) now sober, who’s struggling to become a writer and Nick (Jamie Dornan) who plays a successful writer with his memoirs of war-time bravery, which in turn has showered him in wealth and women.

News Photos IMDb

Robin Hood: Origins
Jamie as Will Scarlet
Status: Post-Production
Release Date: September 21, 2018

A gritty take on the classic Robin Hood story, Jamie plays Will Scarlet, a prominent figure in Robin’s band of Merry Men opposite Taron Egerton (Robin Hood), Jamie Foxx (Little John) and Ben Mendelsohn (Sheriff of Nottingham)

News Photos IMDb

A Private War
Jamie as Paul Conroy
Status: In Production
Release Date: TBA

Paul Conroy (Jamie Dornan) accompanies American war correspondent, Marie Colvin (Rosamund Pike) as she reports from conflicts overseas including Kosovo, Chechnya, East Timor and the Middle East.

News Photos IMDb

Fifty Shades Darker
Jamie as Christian Grey
Status: Released
Release Date: Feb. 10, 2017

Jamie returns as a wounded Christian Grey in E L James’ second installment of the Fifty Shades Franchise.

After Anastasia leaves Christian, he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back. But Christian has baggage which forces Anastasia to confront the anger and envy of the women and former submissives who came before her.

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